4 Styles of Drinks & Cocktails To Serve Up At Your Event in 2019

Planning an event? Getting the right mix of drinks and cocktails can often make or break the success of your event. With the ever-changing face of societal trends, it can be a challenge getting this mix right.

If you want to cater for your guests and create an impact with your drinks offering you really need to be looking at current trends and the changing face of people’s relationship with alcohol and drinks in general to successfully implement this.

1 - Mocktails / Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Mocktails – mixed drinks which contain no alcohol - are not a new concept!. However, with the estimated number of Teetotallers reaching 6 million people in the UK last year and this figure rising year on year it certainly indicates that there are cultural shifts that you need to consider when planning your drinks offering at future events.

2 - Low ABV Cocktails

Quite simply great tasting cocktails with less alcohol! The happy medium between your classic cocktails and a mocktail. Many people are opting for low ABV drinks and cocktails as a way to relax into an event or party and enjoy some great flavours without consuming too many units of alcohol.

3 - Highballs

People who are not in the drinks industry may not be familiar with the term ‘Highball’. This is traditionally a drink containing a base spirit and a carbonate. Due to the proportions of spirit to carbonate highballs are a great way to showcase some quality spirits and flavour profiles. A traditional example of this is a whisky and soda. Nowadays, the term refers to a simple spirit and mixers - which can contain a variety of additions such as bitters, flavoured mixers, citrus, foams and other interesting ingredients.

4 - Classic Cocktails with a Twist

Classic cocktails or modern classic cocktails generally have their place at any event. We are advocates for mainstream classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Tom Collins, Mojito or Gin Martini and will mix them up with style at any event. But with people’s tastes maturing it is essential to serve up some tasty twists on these classics. There is no need to overcomplicate this but with some flavour profiling of the key ingredients of these classics, you can create some unique and diverse cocktails to shake up at your event.

Shake That Bartending New Drinks List

At Shake That Bartending we took some of our own advice we have launched our new Spring/Summer drinks list for events. It is a combination of our most requested classic cocktails and mixture of mocktails, low ABV cocktails and refreshing highballs which can perfectly cater for events in 2019! We are also on hand to consult and advise for individual event requirements and create bespoke drinks and cocktails.

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