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Make Sure Your Party Is A Success

At Shake That Bartending, we provide mobile cocktail classes throughout Edinburgh and Scotland. Your and your friends will get your hands dirty mixing up some mouth-watering cocktails in our 2 hour cocktail making classes.

"My bridesmaid booked a cocktail class for my hen weekend and Joe came out to La Fortuna Lodges last night to teach us how to make 3 different cocktails. It was fab! All 19 girls had a fantastic time & Joe was so lovely... Even staying behind a little to take more photographs of us all. Had an absolute ball doing the class and couldn't recommend this service more! Xxx"

Ashleigh Hamilton

"We used Shake That Bartending as part of a hen weekend in Edinburgh! Mark was helpful from start to finish. He accommodated anyone who wasn’t drinking and was very knowledgeable! He also put up with a serious amount of dodgy singing from all the girls. Thanks again for a great night. Hope we can find an excuse to use you again in the future!"

Laura Beale

Interactive Cocktail Class

We come to wherever you are and show the ropes in cocktail bartending, whether this is your own home, hired venue or weekend accommodation. 

Classes are 100% interactive — no lengthy demonstrations with small samples of cocktails. Everyone will make three cocktails each from scratch, as well as enjoying a champagne cocktail mixed by their mixologist

Don't Pay For Last Minute Drop Outs

We only need confirmed guest numbers ten days before your event, meaning you will not end up out of pocket for drop outs (there is usually one or two). 

What Cocktails Will we Make At Our Cocktail Masterclass?

Elderflower Gin Mojito

Strawberry & Rose Collins

Pornstar Martini

Classic Bramble

Hassle Free Party Planning

We make things easy for our clients! Our cocktail masterclasses are 100% all inclusive meaning we provide everything needed. Cocktail ingredients, cocktail kit for everyone, cocktail glassware, cubed ice, crushed ice and sundries. No running to the shops for ice or obscure ingredients.



Fill out our form below to check our availibility and receive your quote today. Our typical locations we travel to are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Perth, Perthshire, Melrose, Duns, Stirling, Livingston, Lanark, Aberdeen, and East Lothian.

31/6 Oswald Road, Edinburgh


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cocktail Classes

How Much Does The Cocktail Class Cost?

£32.50 per person.  An all-inclusive price of everything needed to host a fantastic cocktail making class.

How Long Do The Cocktail Classes Last?

Cocktail classes typically last around 2 hours. For groups of over 18, they may take slightly longer. 

What Is The Format of The Cocktail Making Class?

Welcome cocktail mixed by your cocktail host and then learning hands-on how to create three cocktails each.  Our classes are fully interactive with everyone getting their hands dirty, creating each of their three cocktails. 


To make sure everyone gets the most out of the class and to allow you time to enjoy your cocktails, we usually split the party down into smaller groups and rotate throughout the cocktail making session. Allowing each group usually 10 to 15 minutes between each cocktail 


What Cocktails Do We Make?

Currently, at the time of writing this, they are a Strawberry & Rose Collins, Bramble, Elderflower Gin Mojito, and a Pornstar Martini. We like to keep things fresh though and periodically change the menu.  


How Many Cocktails Do We Get Each? 

Four in total. Everyone will enjoy a welcome cocktail mixed by your cocktail host then go on to learn how to create another three cocktails each.

Do You Have Minimum Numbers to Book?

We can cater for any sized class. We do have a minimum charge for 12 people however. 


Can Some People Make Mocktails?

Yes. Please let us know at least ten days before, and we will happily accommodate this. 

What Time Can We Start? 

​Anytime before 8 pm. We don't like our bartenders driving home too late at night, mainly if your venue is remote.


Is There Any Travel Charges? 

​If your venue is outside of Edinburgh, there may be a small charge. This is to cover your bartenders' fuel and travel time. This charge goes straight to them. 


Do We Need To Provide Anything?

All we need is a dining table or something similar. Remember we usually split the group down into smaller teams, so the table doesn't have to be massive. We provide everything from all the cocktail ingredients, cocktail glassware, cocktail making kit for everyone, and a plentiful supply of ice. 

How Do We Book?

Check with us firstly that we are available. We are a small business and can get booked up. Once we have agreed we are available, and have confirmed a price, then simply visit our website and fill out our online booking form. On completion of the booking form, a deposit of £50 will need to be made, which you can pay by PayPal or Credit Card. 

When Is The Balance Due?

We will send you an invoice on the Monday before your event for the full balance. The balance will then need to be paid via a bank transfer. Nice and easy. 

What Happens If People Drop Out? Do We Still Need To Pay For Them?

We don't require confirmed numbers until ten days before your event date. As long as you have a minimum of 12 people, payment for the dropout will not be needed. A change of numbers with less than ten days and you will be a charged. 


What Time Will Our Cocktail Host Arrive?

Usually 45 minutes before your chosen start time. 

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