What we have been up to during lockdown!Family time, cocktail deliveries and micro events.

It has been a challenging time for everyone. Whether financial, mentally, or whatever;.we have all been facing our own battles and power to everyone in these testing times.

Family Time

For me writing this personally I have really tried to take all the many amazing positives out of it. I had lots of time off with my daughter, taken time of from my work schedule (I'm really bad for taking any time off), and had loads of time off to pause and think about all the many amazing and positive things I have my in my life which I, like most people, take for granted.

Cocktail Home Deliveries in Edinburgh

In terms of the business after taking a good 2 months completely off from anything business related we decided to launch a cocktail home delivery service once certain restrictions had ended.

There was no market research or analysis or anything fancy like that. We just got together a great product, packaged it and marketed it.

Sales were great and we did very well in what was an increasingly competitive niche. Our main USP was the fact that the cocktails are individually hand made (not batched), made fresh on the day, vacuum sealed, and delivered free of charge to your door for just £5 a cocktail. It also helped that our cocktails, as usual, are exceptionally good and contain only contain the best of ingredients.

Micro Events and Parties

Now that lockdown has eased a little bit more we are now offering some event services for smaller events in Edinburgh and the surrounds.Mainly offering mobile cocktail bars for garden parties for small gatherings. It has been amazing being back out on the road producing great cocktails again from any location. it is also great to start getting closer and closer to some sort of normality.

What the Future Holds

We are very positive about what the future holds. We have learnt many lessons, learnt resilience and put in perspective what is important personally and with the business. We will continue to offer our cocktail delivery service, push our micro events and then look forward to doing larger scale services, and events when the time is right.